Childhood Education

High quality, developmentally appropriate, Christ-centered, child focused


Welcome to St. John’s Children’s Center!
At St. John’s we offer an excellent Christian education to children from 12 months to pre-kindergarten. Children are challenged and encouraged daily by a dedicated staff who are passionate about teaching and sharing their faith.  Our mission is to be a premier educational center where Christian faith is nurtured, high educational standards are valued, and meaningful relationships are fostered.
The new tuition rates for 2023-2024 are available.  All tuitions are based on the actual cost of operating the center divided by the number of children enrolled in a variety of programs. The tuition is computed on a ten-month basis and then divided into monthly payments.  Please note this includes all scheduled days off (ex., Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.).  The week of Thanksgiving, the week before Christmas, and the week of Easter are days not included in the monthly tuition fee.  An additional fee will be assigned for those weeks on a first come first serve-basis.

We are looking forward to a wonderful year and pray for God's many blessings.
If you have any questions, please call the office @ 661-664-9127.
Cheri Mosley, Director of the St. John's Children's Center


Our Curriculum

Our program is a high-quality center offering a wonderful curriculum of developmentally appropriate practices and spiritual growth with a child-centered approach. We strive to develop young independent thinkers who have a sincere relationship with Jesus Christ.

 St. John’s is passionate about child development and has adopted these core curriculums:
Faith-Based Curriculum- One in Christ
Academic and Developmental Curriculum- Core Knowledge
Writing Curriculum- Handwriting Without Tears
Assessments- Desired Results Development Profile

These tools are consistent with our kindergarten program and will help guide the children at SJCC to be successful in all future learning environments.
The development of a child is a God inspiring process.

Our program curriculum also allows us to focus on many developmental domains that include:
Spiritual Development
Self and Social Development
Language and Literacy Development
Cognitive Development
Mathematical Development
Health and Physical Development

SJCC uses a child-centered approach to provide a stimulating learning environment that focuses on all developmental ranges of the child. It is an honor and blessing to serve the children and families in this ministry.

God Bless,
St. John's Children's Center Staff

Facility Tour

St. John's Children's Center (SJCC) welcomes and encourages those parents and children considering enrollment to tour the campus in person.