Snack Menu

St. John's Children's Center will provide a morning and afternoon snack; the menu is created by our health and safety coordinator weekly. 

Peanut-Free Campus

Due to the fact that we have several students at St. John's with allergies to peanuts, we have a "Peanut-Free Campus". The Children's Center is working hard to accommodate this declaration by not serving peanut butter or any nut products. Students with severe peanut allergies can have a life threatening reaction with any kind of contact with this food. We realize that it may be an inconvenience for you, or for your child, not to have peanut products during lunch time. We are asking that you help us to truly be a "Peanut-Free Campus" by not packing these items in your child's lunch. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter! It is only as a team that we can continually make St. John's Children's Center excel!

Appealing Lunches for Preschoolers

Children look forward to school lunches that have been planned especially for them. Appeal to your child's taste buds and appetite by keeping foods simple, adding contrast and variety, and preparing small serving sizes. Simple and easy-to-eat foods interest young children. Packaging that children can open and foods they can eat easily help them develop self confidence and independence when eating their meals. When it comes to serving sizes think small. Small children have small stomachs that can only hold small amounts of food. Will my child be hungry if I send small serving sizes for lunch? Probably not. Start the day by serving a healthy breakfast at home. Morning and afternoon snacks are provided at St. John's. With a healthy breakfast and snacks, a lunch with child-sized servings should keep your child satisfied throughout the day. New foods...Before putting new food in your child's lunch, try it at home first. If your child likes the new food, include it in the lunch.

For more information on packing nutritious lunches for your child log on to

* Some of this information is from "The Lunch Box Series" which is a series of handouts from the University of California Cooperative Extension; the handouts are designed to help parents pack healthy, safe, yummy lunches for their preschoolers.